Saturday, 9 July 2011

Day 10

I'm at day ten.... and so far so good (although my husband, Russ, is quick to remind me that I did spend four of those days on a camp in the country - ie, nothing available for the buying).
Yesterday I realised that it seems to be a want to just buy something (as opposed to buying with a purpose) as we were at Bunnings (not my usual preferred shopping location) and I found myself longingly looking at closet storage, desperately wishing Russ would buy me one of the storage items as a present.  When I didn't get anything I felt abit down.

This whole challenge does make me see things differently.  We had to go to the plaza yesterday to collect something and I found it so interesting to watch the shoppers.  People shoving others as they walked hot and bothered with arms full of bags, kids screaming that they wanted a particular toy (kids seem to be consumers before they can walk!), lots of credit swiping, and a general feel of chaos. 
Do we shop because we've thought about what we need, weighed up the options and made a decision? Or is it purely emotional decision making? Do we do it for the buzz? Also, meeting in shopping areas seems now a genuine means of socialising.

At the moment I think I'm doing pretty well.  I haven't broken my shopping rule but I have realised how much I think about shopping.  I've stopped myself at least four times in the last few days from saying "Let's go down to Highpoint" or "Why don't we have a wander around Viccy Market" -  it's my natural inclination every time. I realised that I have a love for looking or window shopping but those things won't really assist me in reaching my goal so I've had to be strict.

Actually, now that I'm not window shopping or just popping down to the shops for a wander I do find that there are these little pockets of extra time available to me.  And in these times I've been taking stock of what I do have and either organising it better so that I can see and use it or, if it's no longer serving any purpose other than robbing me of space, I've been putting it aside to give to the Salvos or toss in the bin.  I'm hoping that doing this, "shopping my wardrobe", as one lady doing this challenge put it, I will be made more efficient and renew excitement in what I do have -  as half of it I've forgotten existed!

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